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Cyanogen Sulphide, (CN)2S

This compound results from the interaction of silver thiocyanate and cyanogen iodide. It is formed in ethereal solution, consequent on the separation of the very insoluble silver iodide:

CNSAg + CNI = AgI + (CN)2S.

The sulphide crystallises from carbon disulphide solution at 0° C. in rhombic tablets, which sublime above 30° C. and melt at 60° C., and dissolve in water, alcohol, and ether, but are decomposed by alkalis, like other thioanhydrides, into a mixture of thio- and oxy-salt:

(CN)2S + 2KOH = CNSK + CNOK + H2O.

Cyanogen selenide, (CN)2Se, also exists.

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